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    i'm trying to find someone named "i am babie" however, i forgot their tag. they rarely change their profile picture soo a description of that would be an anime girl with a pink hoodie, brown hair and doing a peace sign. the reason im trying to find their acc is bc i want to hack it to see if they really did talk behind my back- please don't ban me

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    My old account was banned, and i lost the only connection i had through discord to my friend. Now i'm trying to find them, but they constantly changes their account names and i couldn't even remember their # to save my own life. The last connection i had with them is through Kik. Their username is NecroticFleshWound. Please contact me if you find them or know one of the friends who's associated with that person.

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    i'm also looking for an old buddy his name is BricE and last time he sent his discord name it had #2108 i really wanna find him