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    Master Boio

    So i am looking for an old friend (Logamonster1V2#2023) and i was seeing if anyone could help me get in touch with them again? Thanks

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    Not much to say. Except a warning to all guys Dutch but called rihanannae, tobeblue. Hannae, ketsueki tsuki moya Hannae9026 or any hothe handle that little Muslim slag goes by she will pretend to be anything and speak French Dutch Spanish japanesse to name a few but this girl is evil vindictive ltim cheating slut tried to ruin my life so yeah name n shame her there will be youtube video with photos am iting this bitch to whole world

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    Quite bored so If anyone would want a person to talk to hit me up, I don't hate Weebs, furries or anyone from the lgbtq just to be clear. Also Merry Christmas!