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    I added you on discord. Can u plz accept it?

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    Th3 PC 6am3r N3rd117

    Hey haily do you want to get to know me?

    I 21 M Autistic PC Gamer just moved to Michigan looking for long-term friendships gamers who like and have long hair. I need help explaining my love for petting hair thing so it doesnt come off as weird or uncomfortable so I can make friends who accept me and love me for it but idk how to explain it in detail to make them like me. I always feel on edge and insecure with people because of how hard it is for me to make friends and me to be comfortable about being myself.

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    Hey there I'm Hailey I'm looking for a bf
    DM me Im lonely.Im an ARMY they can also DM me and we'll talk about BTS