The Gamers' Lounge Server ID: 112809976187076608

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*Self-assignable roles
*Friendly Members
*Active & Mature Staff
*Nitro-boosted Server
*Event-centric (giveaways/contests/tournaments, etc.)
*Tons of custom emotes
*Achievable Event & Non-event Roles
*Not Limited to Gaming - Anime, Entertainment (movies/TV shows), Memes, PC/Tech Talk & more!

Currently Seeking:
*Community Manager(s) - to help plan/organize/host events for different games; e.g. 'League of Legends Community Manager'
*Community Moderator(s) - assist in moderating respective sub-communities within Gamers' Lounge, working hand-in-hand with the Community Managers.
*Gamers' Lounge Staff - assist in moderating when it comes to enforcing server-wide rules & Discord ToS compliance
*GFX Artists - assist with artwork for the Gamers' Lounge & Community Managers