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At it's most basic, the Pokemon Ultra RPG is a Pokemon simulation game, run by the community and including rule sets the games don't allow. Activities possible, via Discord or forums, include:
- Battles and contests without the four-move limit
- Rewards of in-game currency for battling, contests, and more
- Purchase of items and Pokemon from the Poke Mart
- Catching Pokemon by writing stories, engaging in roleplaying games, and drawing art
- Special battle modes and challenges, such as Free-For-Alls and custom tournaments
- Collect gym badges by defeating formidable Gym Leader players, and challenge the URPG Pokemon League!

The URPG is hosting a special invitational event from January 11th to January 29th, where you can participate in special events and earn awesome prizes! Come join in on the fun! Learn how to start your own adventure here ( https://pokemonurpg.com/info/general/getting-started )!