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We are a SFW friendly and chill social media active creative community! Art, Music, Writers, Photographers, 3D Art, Cosplay, Comic, and Singers. We have events #artexhibition-event, #spotify-spotlight, #wisdomwall-event, and #gallery-event, and all submissions will be posted on our socials (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook).

We have #resources text channel which shares tips and free brushes, software, VSTs and more. reCAPTCHA and bots verification system. It's also a way to verify new members that joins, to ensure spam and raid free environment. Choose roles; what kind of artist you are at our #self-assign-role. Our #officialroles are not a promotion or demotion, the roles are just a way to keep track of members activity and spam prevention.

🌟PROMOTE YOURSELF! category is self-explanatory. In #introduce-yourself you can tell us more about yourself and promote your social links, #livestreams to promote your livestreams and once you have enough points you'll automatically get an official role for being active - the bot will automatically announce your livestreams when you go live. Other channels in this category are #youtube-feature, #patreon-and-more, #commissions-merch and #features-reposts. We try to keep our #art-feedback, #music-feedback, #writers-feedback and #photo-feedback to be constructive, positive and supportive. Keeping our guild a motivated and inspiring environment for everyone!

If you decided to join, we extend our greetings! Read #welcome-rules to get verified, it takes only 3 simple and fast steps.