No Game No Life Zero - Anime & Gaming Server ID: 191455136013352960


Welcome to NGNL Anime & Gaming! For its users, NGNL provides a great experience that will keep you in the server until you look start to look like a hermit in a cave, which means you'll be addicted to hanging out here everyday for the rest of your life!
NGNL Offers :

–> Bots, bots and more bots! Bots for everything! Gambling bots, music bots, minigames bots, leaderboards bots, bots that talk back to you, bots that make bots and even bots that wrote this text! (Not actually written by a bot) With ofcourse the exception of Self bots as self bots are not allowed!

–> Dedicated weekly events and Gaming Challenges! From weekly movie nights for you to relax with your fellow i̶n̶m̶a̶t̶e̶s̶ users and enjoy a relaxing mood to competitive Gaming Challenges where you suffer and trudge through hardship to make a score that outdoes all other contenders!

–> Karaoke events! Who dont love them some singing amirite!? (Haha grammar!) Enjoy large karaoke events with people singing a great magnitude of songs from English to Mandarin, every language is a singing one and everyone can sing, so hop onboard and be a part of the fun!

–> A fun and engaging community which you'll be a part of! Remember, give respect if you want to receive it!

–> Roleplay dedicated chats! Wanna be a gladiator in an arena? or spend time in a cafe with friends? or maybe you prefer to hit the inns and nightclubs, we've got it all! A friendly roleplaying community for all your roleplay needs!

–> A unique color role acquiring system based off the No Game No Life anime where you'll have to earn your points from chat activity and challenges!

–> A friendly staff model that listens to the community and does their best to solve any issues for a more enjoyable experience for everyone!

–> Want to post media? Wanna share anime and manga pictures with your fellow weebs and otakus?! or do you wanna be a memester and share those funny memes with your pals? We got you covered with dedicated chats for both!

And plenty more stuff this bot currently cannot remember, Come join the server and see it all for yourself!
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