RUłN Server ID: 294849019346419712


?Join GLUE-ZILLA!Lets grow our community bigger , better and stronger than ever before!

? A fun place to hang out and chat with other people, with:
?Anime? - We breathe anime , live anime and love anime. U dont? U alive bro?
? .io Games - MooMoo, Diep, Vertix, Bellum, whatever you play, we got it.
? Hardcore Gaming - All types , mainly-paladins, brawlhalla, cubic castles (XD)
? Memes - Dank mild or shit , we got em all!
?Mo_osic - We got dem beats!
?Bot fun - botz? Yea , we got our own bot too!

Money-whore? Join our events , be active and dont forget ur t!daily , g!payday .