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You must be 15+ to stay in the server and 18+ to view NSFW channels.

SFW & NSFW server for femboys, traps and cute boys to socialise and make friends. We welcome everyone – whether you're a femboy or you just like femboys, or both!

Note that the server is specifically designed for feminine and androgynous presenting males, however, anyone is welcome to join regardless of their gender or preference. To post selfies of any kind, you must be a male who presents in a feminine or androgynous way (NOT intended for MtF trans women). To post lewd selfies in the NSFW area, you must verify you are 18+ with a valid ID.

The server also has a small gaming section and memes section for those who are interested, as well as a chat lounge. Feel free to chat whenever, we're always looking for nice people to make the place lively :)