AUTISM MANSION Server ID: 369184569481625611

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We are not just another one community server. We are one big family and everyone who joins us will be treated like our family member. No matter who or what you are, You will be accepted, respected and loved and feel like in home, sweet home.

We offer you:
- lovely, supportive family
- quite active Voice Chat
- great members with lots of different hobbies
- lots of channels where you can post your content
- huge amount of roles which you can use do describe yourself and also let us know what you are playing!
- events with valuable rewards
- freedom of speech, you won’t get banned for negative opinion nor disrespected for being yourself
- a lot of different activities
- sorted hentai section and nsfw channels
- since now, we also have game streams in VC and u can join and stream by yourself!

What are you waiting for? Join us and help our family grow!