Divine Anime Heaven Server ID: 396117030375522307

Messages per hour


We offer a variety of things and you decide if you're interested or not.

We don't require users to stay active in chat or participate a lot
Because this is partially a mixed server for bot support / emote server / Community

What we do offer:

- 200 unique Anime Emotes (*Not Global Emotes*)
- Self-assignable roles
- Find-your-dere (self-assignable roles)
- Friendly and supportive staff
- Detailed information about the server in #server-info (ranks, channels etc)
- Very rarely any @everyone mentions for announcements or updates.
- Server leveling with Anime-inspired roles/level names
- Bot support for the Tsumiki Discord Bot
- Custom-developed Discord bot for the server (Basically Tsumiki)
- Bot updates, bot announcements and bot related information
- A small growing friendly and supportive community
- Anime/Manga channel for those who are interested
- Mudea Waifu hunt with Server premium II
(Meaning you can catch a waifu every hour to your heart's content)
- Minigames
- Astolfo Bot's Holy Grail War minigame
- One-word-game minigame
- A few Misc channels
- art channel
- quotes
- images
- videos
- memes
- songs
- videos

This feature is unique to the home server for Tsumiki:
- Post your own MyAnimeList submission to share your favorite Anime or Manga with the server.
The command and feature is not associated with MyAnimeList API.