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PG-16. Live like in Pokémon in the Pokémon Roleplay server! Be a fantastic creature ready to take on the world in countless ways, be a Trainer searching far and wide with their trusty team, be one of the intriguing gijinka, or even roleplay outside Pokémon entirely in one of our player-made roleplays! We run multiple RPs and not all of them have continuities, so they’re ideal to let your imagination loose without much worry, but with our skilled community and the freedom we afford, you most definitely can get a continous plot going if you feel like it. We have:

RP Focus: Our main focus is to provide roleplays of Pokémon with standards, aiming for the balance between creative freedom and necessary restrictions.

Other Options: Though our focus is Pokémon, it’s not all we do. Enjoy a variety of roleplays in different settings, freely imagined by our community.

Community Input: This room is a community more than a hierarchy. Everyone’s concerns are listened to, and everyone’s RP ideas can be brought to life.

Friendly Community: The people in the server are to keep coming for. They’ll help you out with your doubts, tell jokes, discuss many things, and are generally nice to be around.

Roleplaying Quality: Our standards and helpfulness foster players that, for the most part, are absolutely capable of building amazing plots with you.

And we’re always on the lookout for new members and partnerships! With all of this waiting on one of the most populated Pokémon RP servers in Discord, what are you waiting for? Come and catch your dreams!