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Artemis is a welcoming, wholesome place, with a positive and loving atmosphere, where everyone is treated like a friend. Our primary goal is to help shy and timid individuals open up more and potentially make new friends, although we have plenty to offer more outgoing folks as well.

🙟❧ Welcoming and supportive community
🙟❧ Cute nature aesthetic
🙟❧ Color and expressive roles
🙟❧ Stress-free joining process
🙟❧ Animal themed ranks
🙟❧ Daily hugs and head pats
🙟❧ LGBT and furry friendly
🙟❧ 13+ and SFW

☽⌑✧ Users inactive for over a month are kicked to keep the server size down, but anyone kicked is welcome back! There are also exceptions and ways to become exempt from inactive user purges, so don’t let this rule scare you off!