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Hikikomori.Inn is the greatest Anime & Hentai Discord server to be ever created!
We offer a variety of different channels in which you can engage in freely ranging from #selfies to #philosphy.
The Inn hosts custom bots created to entertain you. Listed below is a list of some bot channels in which you can use bots in.
~#waifu-Wars - Roll for a chance to collect a rare waifu or husbando. Or swindle them away from someone else who is also rolling!
~#pokecord - Train pokemon and battle other trainers.
~#economy - Gamble and play the game of life all within a single channel.
~#family-tree - Marry, adopt, have imaginary sex with other users within our community.

What are you waiting for?
Come join the fastest growing Anime & Hentai Community
Hikikomori.Inn❤️️™ - A Wholesome Hentai Christian Server.

Website: http://hikikomori.in
Instagram: https://instagram.com/hikikomori.inn/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hikikomoriinn