Fuzakeru Server ID: 554741685725298709


Hello !

We're Fuzakeru!

A server that is all about making new friends and having a comfortable place to hang out
This server is gaming/anime/manga themed, but anyone can join!
We want to make a place fit for anyone no matter what

What do we have?

- Weekly events! This ranges from games to watching something to karaoke etc!
- Staff applications! You can get into staff if there are staff applications open ^^
- Comfortable place with a little bit of everything!
- Special access to Kpop and NSFW channels!
- A special server with extra emotes for nitro!
- A lot of bots with different purposes, so you can have fun all the time !
- A chill atmosphere where you can hang out and make new friends

Don't hesitate and join us now!

—- Invite: https://discord.gg/Rfq4zUJ —-