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You wake up on a large island, and the only memories you have are your family, your friends, your life before, and the fact that you were on a ship before you ended up here. There are three different biomes on the island that are as follows: A tropical rainforest filled with different species of creatures, and trees eliminating any light that could have lit the way. It's best to stay off of the ground at night time, for the predators are hungry and hunting. The next biome is the plains area. You would need to go through the rainforest to get here, but the result is rewarding. The plains are filled with fruit trees, plants, and other food items. This is the jackpot for your group. The last biome is The Alpines. The mountains are climbable, but you would need to be strong, well built, and well equipped, to successfully reach the top. Once you reach the top, you can see a Volcano resting on the other side. Normally, you wouldn't be able to see this, but now you've climbed the mountain and you can warn the others. The shores of the island go on for miles, and it would take days to go around the whole thing. Weeks even. It is up to you and the people around you to survive. Anyone who tries to leave the island is never seen again, and everyone seems to have the same memories of the ship they were on before…