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🦋Welcome to Damned Empire🦋
🦋Created: September 15th 2019🦋
🦋Released: November 6th 2019🦋
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✦✧| 💙Damned Empire is an amazing server dedicated to creating an environment for all to meet, connect and share interest~ The main color is blue❄ for elegance and the sub-colors are white🕊 for grace and black🖤 for determination! We have many activities and features such as but not limited to: roleplay, plenty of bots, a clean server layout, economy and more! So we encourage everyone to give us a chance, we welcome any and all~
✦✧| 🕊Bot Activities! plenty of unique bots such as but not limited to waifubot, pokecord, groovy, bot games such as cards against humanity, hangman, 8ball and an economy system with unbelievabot
✧✦| 🖤Moderation! automod and active and experienced staff to act as anti raid and spam and to handle those who get a little too pushy
✦✧| 🕊Fun Chat! meet and bond with people of all types, all of which have good senses of humor ;3 chat is relatively active for a new server
✧✦| 🖤Roleplay! do you like avatar? If so you'll love our server roleplay! Not everything is from avatar, just the bending, the rest is custom!
✧✧| 🕊Roles! over 20 self-assignable roles, assign the basic roles, choose from 10+ color roles, earn roles by being active and buy roles using points you earn by talking!
✧✦| 🖤Easy Going! only 6 rules, all of which are important bit easy to follow, a channel dedicated to listing off our unique features and friendly staff!