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Phantom TV is an entertainment network primarily broadcasted on cryptocurrency streaming sites, DLive, VimmTV and THETAtv, via Hip-Hop Phantom.

Now, it has a server for all of the current and potential fans. The primary mission is to build a community to support and show show recognition to the world of cryptocurrency in the multimedia department.

But, there's also some other stuff here to do. You can typically talk about general stuff and gaming. You can listen to music with the Rythm bot at the music lounge, and play around with the Tatsumaki bot.

This server serves as a home for all the Super Mario Makers and Jackbox players out there. On occasion, Phantom TV hosts streams for both of these games whenever announced. Be sure to tune in to be a part of some of that fun.

We even got a banter box, so can trash-talk each other like it's Xbox LIVE. So, come on over and make yourself at home.