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゚。 Come join us today in Fantasia! We have Genshin Impact!
 ゚・。・゚ʚ A Community server this is built around hanging out, gaming, and anime. Our main goal is just to find like minded individuals who just like to relax with each other, and casually talk about Non-sense! If you're into that… well we're the place for you! Just keep in mind though we're still small, so we apologize ahead of time! 🌸

🌸 Very accepting community, with fun sarcasm.
✩ Small place to talk about nonsense, gaming, anime, and whatever else is on your mind.
🌸 Custom visuals, and unique Emotes made in house, with many booster rewards!
✩ No affliations to be spammed with, or pressure to join others.
🌸 Many server updates, and ways to rank up.
✩ Fun-times in voice chat.
🌸 Several interesting bots to entertain you for the down hours.
✩ Interesting staff members with possible positions opening up if it gets bigger.
🌸 Plus we have many news bots to always keep you informed on the latest anime, gaming, and entertainment news!

✩ Things can be slow at time but we hope with your help we can help keep building the server, and adding new stuff each and everyday! So please join today, and let's be active together, and grow together as friends do! ✩

➥ Notice: We have 280+ emotes with many artist permission to use, and edit. All emotes are the property of their various artist, and Sirquacks who has edited several of them with new faces, hands, line art, and color. Please do not submit to other servers without permission.
➥ I'm sure you've already seen a few on other servers though.