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**The Folfsune Roleplay Server Hub**

⋅ʚɞ⋅Looking for some **FR**E**SH** roleplays?⋅ʚɞ⋅

⋅ʚɞ⋅Interested in a nice, friendly community to talk about roleplaying, and enjoy making friends and feeling at home?⋅ʚɞ⋅

Come and check out the Folfsune Roleplay Server Hub!

FRSH is a gateway to all of the wonderful servers created and run by Void and Ryu/hiro! We created this hub as a place to access all of our worlds, as well as act like a hangout for members of all our communities!

╔═━────━▒**Our Open Servers:**▒━────━═╗
Dragon Stone University:
A furry university, within the fictional town of La Costa
Dorada - based on the US state of California! Have fun,
make friends, find love, and try to pass those finals!

Come and explore the world of Pokémon! Be a trainer,
breeder, professor, whatever! Explore the regions,
including a brand new, fan-made region of ours!

╔═━────━▒**Coming Soon!:**▒━────━═╗
__Steven Universe Rp__
__Shapeshifter War Rp__

If you're interested in our little community, and checking our roleplays out further, come on in! You're always welcome with us :)