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Hey Guys
May I introduce the Let's Gaming Network, this is a server which supports any kind of gaming and is community friendly and allows own advertising. In addition everyone has the possibility to decide by "Selfrole" himself which messages he wants to get and who not. Also through the feature it is possible for each player individually to decide in which gaming rooms he wants / which he wants to see. would like.

''We would be mega happy to welcome you on our network'' :smile:

More information about us:

What else do we offer you?

- gaming rooms
- Music
- Community
- Fun
- Level system with ranks
- Stream / recording options
- partner system
- events / giveaways
- Promote your server
- Friendly server team
- We work on the network every day to keep it up-to-date
What are we looking for?

- Co-Administrator
- moderator
- supporter