Warrior Cats: A New Path Server ID: 880182092028330024

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WCANP is a 15+ semi-realistic rp server with a strong focus on community led story, inspired by the Warriors books by Erin Hunter. The territories are set in a rain-shadow environment. On one side of the mountain range lies the dry desert and grasslands, home to the Tribe of Rainless Shadows. On the other, lush forests and wetlands call to the bold explorers - are you brave enough to venture into the unknown?

We offer a welcoming, creativity-supporting RP environment that focuses on character growth and development! Come join the Tribe or start life as a kittypet, loner, barncat, or rogue - will more groups emerge as plotlines take off? The story is up to you, but we have plenty of fun features to help you along the way:

🌵Three character slots from the start!
🌵Semi-literate RP - 5 sentence minimum per RP post!
🌵Medium pace time conversion: 2 weeks IRL is 3 moons IC!
🌵Seasonally updated weather!
🌵Skill points for all systems!
🌵Fighting system, to keep things balanced and fair for all!
🌵Sneak system, for those who want to stir up trouble!
🌵Healing system, for herbal specialists!
🌵Optional hunting system for those who enjoy it!
🌵Kitten system with staff-rolled litters, and a LGBTQ-friendly option for litters as well!
🌵Server event requests for those who’d like to spice up their rps or even suggest site-wide plots!
🌵Organic group creation - create your OWN group, gang, clan, or tribe!
🌵Afterlife within the Stars or Darkness, so you can keep RPing your characters after death!
🌵30+ RP channels with descriptions and image refs!
🌵Mysterious prizes from the stars!
🌵And more!

Come visit us today! We look forward to having you!