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The Solidary Jukebox

Server ID: 321454709728870402

Are you a music nerd? Then join 'The Solidary Jukebox' where you'll meet other producers, composers, and musicians, such as myself!

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Server ID: 361685990722502656

Idk what this is but a community to meet new people?

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Server ID: 253385127550386177

A server dedicated to cute wolf girls, especially Momiji. View or post cute wolf girls, check out our art channel or just talk in chat! Awooo~

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Sinner's Social

Server ID: 264522540603408404

Sinner's Social est un projet qui a pris naissance sur la plateforme Discord. Notre mission consiste à construire une communauté polyvalente...

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Right-libertarian MBTI

Server ID: 359527231694831619

For discussing politics from a right-wing perspective, and personality type systems. Alternative to the alt-right meme servers you find on Discord.

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The Game Center

Server ID: 210876046264893442

We are dedicated to gaming, memes, fun conversations, and playing with friends. 850+ Members, well moderated for mature gamers.

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Kpop Singing (노래방) ???

Server ID: 384522579379224578

kpop heart : the best kpop server for all kpop fans . with karaoke event and Best Free Giveaways . link : https://discord.gg/SjCgP29

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vR Gaming

Server ID: 153649934917173251

German Gaming Discord - Wir sind der deutsche Gaming Discord, wenn es um kostenlose Gewinnspiele, Events und eine starke Community geht!

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Server ID: 328564965525028864

~ A large community created with the purpose to meet new people and chill talking about anime, gaming music with dedicated staff and members. ~

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Server ID: 265965152443170816

An 18+ nsfw stash server tbh. Make sure you're 18 etc. etc. etc.