DiscordHub, Inc. Terms of Services
In effect May 21, 2017

Greetings, user.
These Terms of Service (henceforth referred to as "Terms"), which take into account the Privacy Policy found at (policy url), are a legally binding agreement between you ("you", "user") and DiscordHub, Inc. and all of its associated resources, websites, services, and applications. If you do not agree to our Terms, then you should not use this website.

Your access to our Services
We reserve the right to suspend your access to our Services for whatever reason.

Your legal usage of our Services
Our services are not to be used to infringe on an individual's privacy, rights, intellectual properties, or to break the law.

Your personal safety in regards to our Services
We are not accountable for your safety or well-being, mentally or physically.

DiscordHub, Inc. is not a platform for marketing
We are not accountable for any transactions that you hold through a third party.

Your Account

*Your account login belongs to DiscordApp (discordapp.com).
*You are accountable for the information provided on your account and anything that may happen to it.


Our Service's Content

Our services contains media, code, and compilation that are supplied by our licensors, in whcih we will call "DiscordHub's content." DiscordHub's content is intellectual property; we grant you the right to access this content based on the inlining of this agreement. You may not use our content for the purpose of commerical use, reproduction, derivation, distribution, performance, or display without our authorization in writing.

Your Content
You reserve the right to your copyrighted content or information that you entreat to our Services except when described below:
*Submission of user content to our Services grants us rights to use your user content for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.
*Submission of user content to our Services indicates that any and all of your content do not violate the proprietary rights of other parties.

Content Accountability
*We are not accountable for any user content that you submit to our Services.
*We are not accountable for any user or third party content that you access from our Services.

We adhere to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") and thus reserve the right to remove user content that violates it.

*All user content that you submit is your responsibility. We are not legally liable for any of your actions.
*Our services are provided as is with no warranty. We do not guarantee it will work properly.
*We are not liable for any damages. You agree to release DiscordHub, Inc. from all claims and demands from damages from usage of our Services.

This Terms of Services is the entire agreement between the user and DiscordHub, Inc. We may modify these Terms at any moment; if it affects you materially, we will provide notice and archive the previous version of the Terms for reference. By continuing to use our Services after alterations to the Terms, you agree to the changes.