Welcome to Discord Hub!

DiscordHub aims to provide a centralized platform for Discord by providing features such as user accounts and a public server list. Please note that DiscordHub is in early alpha testing (release 6/6/2017). Although all current features have been tested, things may change as new features are added and there may also be stuff that we missed. DiscordHub is guaranteed to have a development time of at least 10 hours a week in order to fix bugs and implement new features. Bugs will be fixed as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours of being reported. To server admins: please bear with the manager dashboard interface for now. Core features took priority over user friendliness, but this will improve as we move towards a beta.

If you would like to use profiles only, please add Ai bot and untick the administrator perms (caches members, server statistics, and enables notifications).

  Bot List



Server listing and page

List your server on our Discord Public Server List! Each server, listed or not, has a customizable servers page suitable for using as your servers homepage. Metrics such as message per hour are tracked and displayed on a graph (more to come). Each server also comes with its own discussions page for comments.  If you’ve set up an item shop or user rankings, these links will also be displayed on your page.

User profiles

Ever wanted a profile page for your discord account? Our profiles are tied directly with discord. Login with your Discord account! Each profile customizable, even in its background image!  Features include comments and reputation, as well as a friend system.

User search

Users are automatically cached to our system as our main bot encounters the user and are searchable. DiscordHub’s goal is to provide an extension to Discord chat by providing an intermediate platform.

Plugin: Points

Reward your members with points that can be used in an item shop filled with roles. Use our shop manager to edit item roles. Users can purchase roles which will be put in their inventory. They will be able to use the role or remove these roles at any time through their inventory. Roles can also be made timed for purchase, which means they will only be active for a certain period of time. A gifting system is also available, allowing users to purchase roles for their friends!

Plugin: Music

Our music plugin will allow you to use all of our music bots. That’s right, use as many of them as you wish! The plugin also supplies you with a page that lists all the music in the queue for each bot that you add. Our servers are based in the US and have dedicated resources in order to supply you with the best music quality possible. If you require more personalized bots that are using our system, please contact us to discuss.

Plugin: Ranking

Allow your users to gain exp and levels and reward them on their activity by automatically assigning roles to them when they reach a certain level! Includes a ranking page, which are tied to user profiles.

Plugin: Greeting

Say hello to new members, and wish them farewell when they leave! A customizable image welcome is also available, which generates a welcome image that you supply with the user’s username, discriminator, and avatar image when they join!

Plugin: Moderation

The Moderation plugin provides your server with housekeeping commands such as normal mutes, timed mutes, kick, and ban.