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No Game No Life - Anime & Gaming

Server ID: 191455136013352960

Active and friendly community, chat ranking and points system, weekly events and much more! Join now and see for yourself~!

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Server ID: 273134655702827008

A server for anime, gaming, yugioh and dabbing ayy. We have karaoke for singing and music bots! 1,000 members and counting! Owned by: I Hate Angela

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Ascension - Otaku & Others

Server ID: 315826908212232194

The greatest discord group for Otakus. We want all of the anime/manga/jpop/etc. lovers to unite in one place and it is this server. Noice right

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Multiplatform Gaming

Server ID: 212844108396363786

A community for gamer's and those alike! We play a variety of games and we do many neat activities. Giveaways and tourneys are also a thing here!

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Anime uwu

Server ID: 193405289557393408

NSFW 18+ discord server owned by: Anime#3254

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The Neko Café - Anime & Gaming

Server ID: 203742791753269250

TNC is a active,friendly & loving community full of gamers & anime lovers a like with weekly & monthly events. come check us out!!

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Lunatic's Dead Palace

Server ID: 294113984171212800

This is a server that talks about anime.About games,its focused on Osu! but you can still talk about other games. Owned by Cytose#2821

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Server ID: 265965152443170816

An 18+ nsfw stash server tbh. Make sure you're 18 etc. etc. etc.

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The Solidary Jukebox

Server ID: 321454709728870402

Are you a music nerd? Then join 'The Solidary Jukebox' where you'll meet other producers, composers, and musicians, such as myself!

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Science and Technology

Server ID: 184140444677046274

Official Discord Partner! This is a friendly community for those who are interested in being involved with science exploration. Over 7500+ Members!